Garden shed regulations and laws

Garden shed regulations and laws

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Gardening tools, pool accessories or outdoor games lying around; there are many reasons to install a garden shed and you are considering taking the plunge.

But before proceeding with the purchase, it is important to ask yourself questions about the laws and regulations to be observed.

Define your project

The regulations around garden sheds depend on many criteria. You will therefore have to take this into account when making your choice. Among these criteria are:

  • the areaand the grip on the groundthe garden shed;
  • her height;
  • the near a historic monument, a listed site, etc.

These different elements will determine the procedures to be followed (declaration of work, building permit, etc.), as well as your possible liability for development tax.

What the law and regulations say

Once you've found your dream garden shed, determine its floor area and footprint. Then, depending on whether or not there is a protected area near your home, refer to the tables below.

Note : the grip on the groundcorresponds to the total area of ​​the shelter. This therefore includes overhangs and overhangs. Note that overhangs and ornaments are not taken into account if they are not supported by posts or corbels.

To calculate the floor areaof your garden shed, the ministry responsible for town planning has set up a help sheet to help you with your calculations.

General case

Floor area and footprint
Less than or equal to 5 m²Between 5 m² and 20 m²Greater than 20 m²
Height less than or equal to 12 metersNo authorizationPrior declaration of workBuilding permit
Height greater than 12 metersPrior declaration of workBuilding permit

Protected area (historic monument, listed site, etc.)

Floor area and footprint
Less than or equal to 5 m²Between 5 m² and 20 m²Greater than 20 m²
Height less than or equal to 12 metersPrior declaration of workPrior declaration of workBuilding permit
Height greater than 12 metersBuilding permitBuilding permit

Development tax and garden shed

If your garden shed exceeds a surface area of ​​5 m², the development taxapplies to all operations that require planning permission.
The amount of the tax is fixed per m² and is updated every year on 1erJanuary. In 2020, the amounts are as follows:

  • € 759 per m² excluding Île ‑ de ‑ France;
  • € 860 per m² in Île ‑ de ‑ France.

To help you calculate the amount of tax to pay, a simulator is at your disposal. At the time of writing this article, the data has not been updated. The tool does, however, give you an idea of ​​the price to pay.

Smart tip

Whatever your situation and what you need to do, consult the local urban plan(PLU) available in your town hall.

You will obtain additional information regarding the installation of your shelter, the materials that can be used or any other local planning rules.

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