Offer an eco-natural litter to your cat

Offer an eco-natural litter to your cat

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The pet sector, which has been booming for 5 years, has several spearheads: food, treats, well-being ... and cat litter. An innovative market.

An essential accessory, your cat's litter box has an impact on its well-being, and on yours too! Far from being basic, it even represents an issue for the health of the animal and for the ecology.

Update on classic litters

Did you know that classic clay-based mineral litter is not biodegradable and produces dust, which can be harmful to cats if they are prone to respiratory problems? The ideal litter is a litter that reassures the animal with its odors but which remains low odor for its host family, a non-volatile litter that does not stick to the pads, easy to use and inexpensive ...

Slightly more advanced, silica litter has the advantage of being more absorbent, both for urine and odors, but they remain non-biodegradable. These two entry-level options are losing ground in the face of new solutions that have less impact on the environment and are not harmful to the cat.

Natural litter, towards plant matter

"The market has changed a lot thanks to a wave of innovations which marked a real turning point in this field," explains Raymond Tanguy, head of Brico-Jardin-Animalerie market development for the Nos Animaux E.Leclerc brand. New materials, new technologies, new ways of thinking and consuming litter… Consumer sensitivities are now integrated ”.

And plant materials are popular: "Today, the market reserves a place of choice for products made from green clay, recycled paper, or even tofu". The activated carbon carbonite litter (Tranquille® by Terdis *) is one of the latest innovations, particularly effective in terms of absorption and comfort, but also in terms of price positioning.

These new products respond to consumer demand for products with the lowest possible concentration of additives and chemical treatments. In specialized stores, these are products that perform well. And even if the market is not yet so mature in medium and large surfaces, it is starting to represent a niche.

Green cats

Please note, “biodegradable” does not mean “compostable”. It is therefore not advisable to empty your cat's soiled litter into the compost, mainly because of the risk of toxoplasmosis. However, some new products, such as Siria ** mineral litter with corn cob pellets, are making a difference. This litter even advertises itself as "biodegradable and agglomerating, disposable in toilets or in household compost or in selective sorting bins reserved for organic waste".

* **

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