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Roman chamomile: a plant that soothes

Roman chamomile: a plant that soothes

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Recognized for its benefits and virtues for health, Roman Chamomile is an excellent sedative and anti-inflammatory.

Its scientific names are "Chamaemelum nobile "And"Anthemis nobilis ».

Roman chamomile is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of Asteraceae and can easily reach 30 cm high.

Roman chamomile, for the record

Roman chamomile has its origins on the Atlantic coast, but also in North Africa.

Commonly known as noble chamomile, feverfew, or just chamomile, Roman chamomile is fragrant and different from German chamomile. It is because of its strong presence in Rome in the 16th and 17th centuries that it was given the name Roman Chamomile.

The plant is a stem with thread-like leaves and a single flower of yellow and white color, which grows at the end of the stem, with a flower head as its base. It is from this flower head that is extracted essential oil, but the whole plant would also have great virtues.

Long used in Greece since Antiquity to make lower fever, reduce insomnia, treat stiffness, and calm the digestive disorders.

Roman chamomile has also been shown to be successful in medicine, what about cosmetic and in cooked.

Benefits of Roman Chamomile

The active principles of Roman chamomile are found in its polyphenolic constituents which are mainly acid-phenols, flavonoids, polyacetylenic derivatives, and phenolic compounds.

These principles not only give it properties anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, but also anti-spasmodics, antineuralgics and analgesics.

Thus taken as an infusion, it calms the menstrual period, gastric and hepatic disorders, as well as spasmodic stomach pains.

In skin application, theEssential oil Roman chamomile is effective in the treatment of arthritis, muscle tension, sprains and irritated skin, eczema.

Its sedative and calming benefits have been appreciated in the treatment of anxiety,anxiety, sleep disorders, overwork, nervous asthma, excess adrenal gland, ... etc.

So it's a anti-depressant very effective.

Overcome benign conjunctivitis or the eye strain, is also possible thanks to a preparation based on Roman chamomile and used in eye lotion.

  • Warning, Roman chamomile should not be confused with wild chamomile.

Use of Roman chamomile

The Roman chamomile comes in various forms and preparations. It is found in herbal teas, in inhalations, ointments, lotions, creams and essential oil.

Internally, chamomile is taken asinfusion. Boil 1 cup of water and add about ten flower heads for 10 minutes.

This preparation is effective against digestive disorders, painful periods and to restore psycho-emotional balance.

For relieve muscle pain, stiffness, sprains ... etc, a preparation in massage is ideal.

  • For this, you will need to prepare a massage oil with 100ml of oil and 10g of chamomile flowers.
  • Cover the mixture and let macerate for about 5 hours.
  • Apply it to the painful areas.

Diluted in vegetable oil also relieves muscle pain by massaging the affected areas.

It calms the nervous system, in olfaction, in diffusion in the room (about 5 min before going to bed).

To use alsoin the bath at the rate of a few drops mixed with a vegetable oil.

Smart tip

Roman chamomile in all its forms (stems, flowers, essential oil) should not be used by pregnant women.

Also avoid in young children, asthmatics and people allergic to pollen.

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