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Chews: it puts you in a good mood

Chews: it puts you in a good mood

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Lamb's lettuce is a salad whose medicinal properties, benefits and virtues for health are recognized.

Chew or Valerianella olitoria, it belongs to the Valérianaceae family.

This salad, adored by the French, can reach 20 to 30 cm. It is native to the Mediterranean basin and can be enjoyed in autumn and winter.
The lamb's lettuce has many nicknames: doucette, galinette, blanchette or clairette.

There are two main varieties of lamb's lettuce: small-seeded lamb's lettuce and large-seeded lamb's lettuce, which are lighter green. From these two varieties arise many other varieties: the Gala, the Jade, the green of Cambrai ...

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Chews, for the record:

Lamb's lettuce arrived in France, in the Pays de la Loire, from the Renaissance, around the 16th century.

But it was cultivated long before by the Egyptians, during Antiquity. Illustrations of lamb's lettuce have thus been found on Egyptian tombs dating from 500 years before our era.

Chews, benefits and virtues:

Cheerful salad :

Lamb's lettuce is an anti-stress salad that keeps you in a good mood. It is vitamin B9 that acts on the nervous system and gives you good sleep. A deficiency in B9 can be the cause of great anemia, digestive problems and changes in mood ...

Lamb's lettuce source of vitamin C :

Vitamin C with anti-oxidant properties fights against premature aging of cells and the appearance of cancers. In addition, it contributes to the functioning of the immune system, to the protection of the body against attacks.

Lamb's lettuce also brings beta-carotene, another anti-oxidant, a precursor of vitamin A. Thus beta-carotene protects the skin, eyes and the body against cardiovascular diseases.

Lamb's lettuce to lose weight:

Very low in calories, lamb's lettuce brings you only 20 calories / 100 g. It is definitely part of a healthy, low-calorie diet. It fills you up quickly, and provides no cholesterol and very little fat. It can very well be integrated into a diet.

Fiber for digestion:

Lamb's lettuce is very rich in fiber (1.5 g), the latter facilitate digestion and are effective in regulating intestinal transit. She is laxative.

Lamb's lettuce, source of chlorophyll:

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives the lamb's lettuce this beautiful dark green color.

Chlorophyll oxygen and detoxifies the body.

It is also a significant source omega 3. These fatty acids are useful in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the reduction of bad cholesterol, they prevent the formation of clots. And are also of interest for the prevention of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Lamb's lettuce provides other essential elements: iron for its role in the binding and transport of oxygen, calcium for the formation and growth of bones and teeth, potassium for regulating voltage and sodium for muscle contractions and ionic balance in the body.

Lamb's lettuce does not present any contraindication.

Lamb's lettuce in the kitchen:

The lamb's lettuce made of 93% water is very refreshing.

As a starter or with cheese, lamb's lettuce brings this green note to your meals and decorates your plates.

To vary the pleasures you can add nuts, avocados and why not strawberries?

Lamb's lettuce can also be cooked in a pan with a knob of butter.

During the holidays, it goes very well with foie gras and scallops.

> Gourmet idea:

A lamb's lettuce salad with hot goat cheese toast and a few arugula leaves to spice up the salad.

Cream of lamb's lettuce :

In a pan with a knob of butter, brown 100g of lamb's lettuce with a potato and a shallot. Add 1 liter of water. Leave to cook for about twenty minutes, mix everything and add a tablespoon of crème fraîche.

Dare a sweet vinaigrette and fragrant to give it even more flavor.

Smart gardening strawberry vinaigrette:

You will need: 125g of strawberries, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a teaspoon of sherry vinegar, then another of balsamic vinegar, as well as 3 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper.

> Try it lamb's lettuce crumble with fresh cheese to garden smart

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Smart tip about lamb's lettuce:

Lamb's lettuce is fragile, it will only keep for 3 - 4 days in the refrigerator and in its original packaging. Afterwards, it withers and is damaged.

The gardening corner: In a few words :

  • Lamb's lettuce is sown from late August to October.
  • It requires regular watering but not excessive.
  • Harvesting takes place 3 months after sowing.

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