The Chrysanthemum amazes and brings joy

The Chrysanthemum amazes and brings joy

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It is blooming, colorful, surprising ... Is it? It's the ? It's the Chrysanthemum!

This plant shines especially in summer, proudly displaying its generous flowers with astonishing shapes.

We make it a special place in the house to breathe joy of life and a little festive air.

Adulated in the East, the chrysanthemum has also made a place for itself in our interiors.

And for good reason ! It imposes with its flowers of all shapes and declined in an incredible palette of colors. With him, we play the card of creativity, we mix, we match, we dare and we blow a happy wind in the house.

Eccentric but still chic

Pompoms, ribbons, single or double flower heads, red, yellow, orange, white, pink, purple… The chrysanthemum likes to surprise and attract all eyes. We therefore have fun with his outgoing and generous temperament that we do not hesitate to accentuate.

We offer him pots in bright colors, with patterns… We can also bet on contrasts with very graphic black and white containers. One watchword: bring summer into the house ... for a long time.

Easy-going chrysanthemum

• We place our chrysanthemum in a well-lit place to prolong and promote its generous flowering.

• Another little secret for a rich flowering: a little fertilizer every week.

• Wilted flowers are removed to allow new buds to develop more easily.

• Finally, we make sure that the chrysanthemum's root ball is always wet because it needs a lot of water

Chrysanthemum, a golden plant

Despite its prestigious past and its name made up of the Greek words Chrysos and Anthenom meaning "flower of gold", the chrysanthemum has kept it simple. It requires little care and its flowering lasts a long time.

In addition, it thrives in the garden as well as indoors. This plant of good composition, very decorative with its incredible palette of colors and shapes, is also excellent company: it is, in fact, a natural fragrance that gives off a slightly spicy "green" scent.

Impossible not to succumb!

The chrysanthemum, noble origins

Before arriving in Europe, the chrysanthemum had a dream existence in the East. From the 15th century BC. JC, he is already a real object of veneration in China. It is even reserved for nobles who were, at that time, the only ones who could display its flowers in their interiors and to have the authorization to plant it as a spice in their gardens. It is painted, it illustrates fine porcelain ...

Today, it is still a beloved and adored plant, a symbol of longevity and immortality. His aura has even crossed Chinese borders to spread to Japan. Thus, we find it in the 8th century in the Land of the Rising Sun where it is proclaimed by the Emperor, national flower and will inspire the imperial seal. The Monarchy is even known as the "Chrysanthemum Throne". No doubt, the chrysanthemum commands respect!


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Each month its plant

Chrysanthemum is the houseplant of the month for June 2018. "Every Month Its Plant" is an initiative of the Dutch Flower Board. Each month, in cooperation with representatives of the ornamental horticultural sector, he selects a plant that is popular with the general public, or on the contrary not (yet) very well known, but which has the potential to be popular in the living room. Because plants are a source of happiness.

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