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Treat coughs with plants

Treat coughs with plants

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When the cough becomes frequent, following a irritation or a infection, this is a mechanism of lung defense

which facilitates the expulsion of foreign substances. What are the causes ? The symptoms? How to heal ? Can we do it with plants ?

Sometimes a cough is triggered when swallowing food the wrong way or speaking while swallowing. The food not having followed its normal course, forces us to expel it abruptly by reflex.

Definition of cough

The cough is very often a pathological process, a reaction of the body to irritation, vital reflex aiming to protect the lungs. This sudden exhalation pushes the air out of the lungs. It is therefore not a disease, but a symptom of an illness or infection.

Coughing, the patient rejects dust, foreign bodies who theirritate. This allows him to release the air passage and him ease so breathing.

Origins of cough

Certain seasons of the year are synonymous with coughs that occur as a result ofbacterial infections of upper respiratory tract. They have for origins :

  • cold, allergies, asthma, colds

In addition to those mentioned above, others causes are :

  • sinusitis
  • smoke
  • infectious diseases like pneumonia or tuberculosis
  • bronchitis
  • cancer of the lungs, larynx
  • pulmonary embolism ... etc.

Cough and symptoms

It exists 4 types cough: cough dried, cough fat, cough chronic and cough medicated.

  • Still called cough irritative, cough dried is of short duration. It occurs after a cooling, a cold, does not produce mucus, but out of print Verry much.
  • Cough fat, it produces mucus. It is the natural result of a dry (non-infectious) cough and helps clear the respiratory tract through expectoration.
  • Cough chronic lasts longer ; sometimes more than 2 months. It's here smoker's cough. It manifests itself by a high frequency especially in the morning, a wheezing, a dyspnea on exertion, regular sputum.
  • Cough medicated that occurs while taking certain medications is often dried.

Treat coughs with plants

To overcome coughs, health experts have discovered the benefits of certain plants:

  • the marshmallow root, the fir buds and the pulmonary in the form of tisane, have virtues expectorants.
  • the white broth, theeucalyptus, the fennel, the mauve, and the climbing ivy are very effective in the treatment of fatty cough. In tisane, they promote fluidization of secretions and theexpectoration.
  • the thyme and the Iceland moss are plants disinfectants, very useful in treatment of the dry cough.

How to do it ?

For quick and effective relief, take 10 g of ivy leaves, 15 g of white broth, 10 g of licorice roots, 15 g of mallow leaves, 10 g of thyme, 10 g of marshmallow roots. Mix it all up. Wear a cup of water to boil and pour in 1 C. of the herbal mixture. Leave infuse for 10 minutes. Filter the preparation and add some honey. Drink it several times a day.

If the cough persists, and symptoms such as weight loss, high fever, severe headache, asthma, or blood in the mucus, see a doctor urgently.

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