Calla and anthurium, colorful bracts

Calla and anthurium, colorful bracts

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From the Araceae family, these two green plants share amazing bracts that bring color to interiors.

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The calla

Also called arum, the calla (calla aethiopica) is a 40 to 50 cm tall plant with erect leaves and calyxes. It has red, purple, cream, yellow, pink, orange, white or even… black bracts! Blanche, she likes to invite herself to bouquets, especially brides. Almost black, it appeals to those who love plants like no other. Its slender figure inspired American artist Georgia O’Keeffe who painted it many times in the 1930s.

Graphic, a tad suggestive, the calla is native to South Africa. She likes heat (her ideal temperature is between 12 and 25 ° C), light and regular watering, twice a week.

After flowering, in the fall, the leaves turn yellow. Now is the time to set it up for the winter in a cool (frost-free) place, without watering, so that it will turn green again in spring once it gets back warm. In regions with mild winters, such as Brittany, the calla can live a second life in the garden.


Heart-shaped leaves and bracts: theanthurium is another beautiful exotic from the (large) Araceae family. Originally from Colombia, she is the symbol of hospitality there.

Its bracts can be green or brown, but also white, red, pink or purple. Like the calla, she needs light without direct sunlight, of a potting soil rich and sprinkled twice a week with lukewarm water. She also likes heat, since her ideal temperature is between 18 and 25 ° C, except at the end of its flowering (in March), where she appreciates a slightly cooler atmosphere (15 ° C) and reduced watering.

To keep its leaves shiny, spray them from time to time with soft water or take advantage of rainy days to take a little shower.

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