Scallion (or cive): a delicious aromatic

Scallion (or cive): a delicious aromatic

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Scallion, or cive and even green shallot, is a delicious vegetable but also an aromatic plant with a strong taste.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Allium fistulosum
Family : Alliaceae
Type : Condiment plant, perennial

: 20 to 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich enough

Harvest : May to October

Easily cultivated, it is part of the same family as that of garlic, onion or shallot.

Sowing, planting scallion

Perform a sowing in place from March when the risk of extreme cold has been ruled out otherwise, wait until the end of April or May.

  • You will be able sow until July to spread out the harvests and enjoy them until October.

When sowing, it is best toimprove your soil with compost or potting soil to stimulate plant development.

  • We can practice a multiplication by division of the tuft in autumn.

To know about the spring onion

Very similar to onions, both in appearance and in its fine and pronounced taste, scallions are a great aromatic plant easy to grow.

We call "cive" in English or in some regions but we differentiate the varieties according to whether they are "white" or "common red".

  • Use the second variety for partial shade exposure, as it is more tolerant and almost identical to taste.
  • It adorns most summer dishes, it is eaten raw in salads or cooked to flavor sauces or omelets.

Smart tip about scallions

The leaves are harvested throughout the cultivation of the plant (from 3 months after sowing).

To harvest white as long as possible, space your seedlings in time between April and July.

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