Adenium, the Desert Rose

Adenium, the Desert Rose

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The desert rose is a plant used indoors for its beautiful flowering, it is very decorative.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Adenium obesum
Family : Apocynaceae
Type : Succulent perennial, houseplant

: 1.5 m
Exposure : Sunny or bright
Ground : Rather rich and well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : May to September

Maintenance requires some care, whether in terms of watering, location or to prevent disease.

Planting, repotting adenium

Indoors, the plant needs relatively rich soil and therefore a good potting mix.

If you want to plant the desert rose outdoors, wait for spring and choose a sunny spot.

  • But beware, this plant is native to South Africa and therefore will not adapt to all climates. The temperature should not never go below 10 °.
  • On the other hand, it will do well in a winter garden topped by an unheated veranda or greenhouse.

Watering the desert rose

Like all succulents, the desert rose requires very little water because it is full of it.

  • In winter, it is even advisable to let the soil dry out totally.
  • Watering is slowly resumed in spring, as soon as the leaves begin to open
  • 1 watering every 15 days is often sufficient.

Caring for the desert rose

The desert rose asks only very little maintenance.

Indoors, in an apartment, you will choose a bright place and ideally sunny most of the day.

You can install it outside during the summer avoiding places that are too hot as this could dry out the plant and a too sudden change could stress it.

Size of the desert rose:

No pruning is necessary.

Remove faded flowers as you go.

Adenium disease, Desert rose

If you can see a white cottony lump, it is definitely the mealybug.

This parasite sets in when the atmosphere in the room is too dry and the temperature is high.

  • Check out ourmealybug advice

It may also be that the Desert Rose is faced with rot when the soil is too wet.

Water only when the soil is dry and make sure that your pot does not allow water to stagnate near the roots, it should be well drained and have a hole in the bottom.

Regular application of fertilizer limits the risk of your plant being diseased.

Smart tip

This magnificent plant, also called false baobab, can bloom almost all year round when old and well cared for.

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