Beetroot as we like it

Beetroot as we like it

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It is eaten as raw or cooked and it is easy to harvest. These are all advantages that will encourage you to grow beetroot in your vegetable garden.

You never dared! Yet beetroot is easy to grow and grows quickly after being sown.

So how can you not resist this vegetable, which you can eat in a salad in summer, for an unparalleled feeling of freshness with its mild, sweet taste.

Better, it can be kept for a long time and can seduce you, from the first cold, cooked like a hot vegetable to make you discover new taste sensations.

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Beware of hot weather

But before you get to your plate, you still need to have worked a little. First step: planting.

You have two options:

  • sow it directly in your vegetable garden
  • or plant it from seedlings purchased ready-made.

Then, the best is to let it flourish, for 10 to 12 days, in rather rich soil. You can mix a fertilizer such as manure or algae with the soil.

During this period, watch your plants, which you will have spaced about 25 cm apart, remember to thin out as soon as the first leaves appear and water regularly.

Because if the cultivation of beets is considered easy, it is still necessary to ensure that it does not lack water. This vegetable fears indeed drought and high temperatures. To avoid this, you can lay a mulch at the foot of the beets. This mulching will retain moisture a little longer.

It keeps for a long time

Finally, know, and it all depends on when you are planting, that you can harvest your beets from the end of May until August.

But to pull them out, wait until the roots have reached 10 cm. Then, with a fork or a spade, gently lift the beet, taking care not to damage it.

Likewise, if your harvest is giving beyond your expectations, don't force yourself to collect everything quickly. Beets keep better in the ground than in the refrigerator.

And since this vegetable definitely deserves our full attention, you should know that it also keeps very well and for a long time, immersed in the sand.

This will allow you to continue to consume your harvest all winter, varying the pleasures.

And without any scruple since beets are packed with vitamins, fibers and minerals.

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