In the kingdom of basil, scents are king!

In the kingdom of basil, scents are king!

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There is a place where basil is king… In her Basilic Farm, located a few steps from the village of Roussillon, in the Vaucluse, Catherine Pisani cultivates basilisks of the whole world…

Evocative of distant lands, they are called “Green Russian”, “Greek”, “New Guinea” or “Thai Siam queen”… Yet they are produced in the heart of Provence in a garden which is entirely dedicated to them.

This Eden of Ocimum basilicum was born thanks to a passionate person, Catherine Pisani, who for nearly a dozen years has devoted most of her time to this aromatic plant in all its forms, colors and scents.

Today she can claim to own around thirty varieties from all over the world. A number that now looks more like a collection than a simple traditional culture, even if this extraordinary farmer goes directly to the region's peasant markets, in Apt or Coustellet, or to the region's restaurateurs. to sell its harvests scent.

The virus of the collection

In the beginning, however, nothing intended it to make it its main activity. It all started with a few feet of 'Greek' basil for home cooking. The following year, she brought back more varieties from Italy and off she went!

She catches the “collector's virus”. That of devouring specialized catalogs in search of new species and to order, not without excitement, seeds, each more original than the next.

Cultivation of basil according to the rules of the art

From the start of spring, Catherine Pisani sows according to the rules of the art.

Using new seeds bought back each year to avoid wild hybridizations, she sows her seeds in a greenhouse and on a heating table in order to offer her budding basil the most favorable environment for their germination.

The following month, she carries out a first transplanting in a root ball and the implantation in the ground is done in May, along with the necessary irrigation in these southern lands!

A month later, the time for the first harvests came. Catherine Pisani will take the tops of the plants throughout the summer to make her aromatic bouquets, sold in the markets!

The Basilic Farm is now ready to show the public its finest specimens. From 1er July to 1er October, it opens its doors and offers its visitors guided tours as well as three special evenings of pesto soup tastings.

Find the basil farm

The basil farm- La décane- RN 100

84220 Roussillon

Phone. :

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